Friday, March 11, 2011

Every once and a while a product comes along that blows away the competition, the product I am refering to is
the Playstation 3 (ps3) by Sony. This is the second time I have purchased the system (the first had to be let go to pay
bills, damn recession ). Anyway I’ve been a fan of Playstation since the first console was introduced in 1994 and I’ve
been hooked ever since. When growing up in my circle of teenage friends, you were either an X-box or a Playstation
gamer. One of the best features of the Ps3 must definitely be the controllers. I’ve played the Atari Jaguar
console in 1994, the Sega Dreamcast in 99, I even tried Neo Geo once, but none of them could compare to the Playstaion
controller. Gaming consoles have come quite a long way since I started playing , with internet connections, multi-player capacity,
and a host of countless perks, gaming
today is literally “out of this world”. A game getting “heavy” playtime in my home right now in Capcom Vs. Marvel 3
, great game. It has two levels of skill so if you
never played before you can pick up the sticks and play like a seasoned vet. Also I am a MAJOR fan of the God Of War series,
definitely one of the fiercest titles Playstation has to offer. I am currently playing Red Dead Redemption
Undead Nightmare but I never played the original game so I’m not as into it like people who I speak to who also play it.
It kinda comes off as a Grand Theft Auto type of thing, but it was only 20 bucks so I guess it was worth the gamble.
Tony Hawk Shred is cool too, I think the whole skateboard idea was creative to say the least, I played it so much it broke ( I think ) .

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